New Zealand occupies a unique position in regards to bio-security. Alpacas can be exported to the European Union including Scandinavia, Taiwan, Japan, Hong Kong, Australia and the USA. There are negotiations currently at hand concerning an export protocol to China.

Exporting Alpacas from Australia

Australian alpacas are required to enter a formal quarantine station for at least 1 month before export to ensure no unwanted parasites or diseases travel with them. This involves being kept indoors and fed hard feed. Many pregnant females cannot cope with the stress caused by the sudden change in diet and conditions, and a high incidence of aborted pregnancies and miscarriages occurs as a result. 

When released from Australian quarantine, alpacas must then travel to NZ and spend a further period (up to 6 months) in on-farm quarantine, before being sent on to Europe. The purchaser has the expense to pay for quarantine in both countries. The risks to your alpaca’s health and the costs of transport and quarantine can escalate alarmingly. 

Costs include long-distance travel within Australia, quarantine centre costs while in Australia, transport to New Zealand, short distance transport within New Zealand, on-farm quarantine costs, flights to Europe, associated veterinary costs occurred in both countries.

Advantages of Purchasing from Stoneleigh Alpaca Stud

We can put you in contact with a very experienced shipping agent who organizes the quarantine and shipment of your alpacas. 

They take care of all the paperwork so all you have to do is collect your alpacas from the other end.

We have a wide range of alpacas for sale, priced for the novice breeder right through to top show quality alpacas.

Stoneleigh alpacas are in the UK, Holland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy and Taiwan.

Stoneleigh Alpaca Stud offers free delivery to any export facility in the Christchurch / Canterbury area. Alternatively we can arrange transport to any export facility in New Zealand.

Stoneleigh Alpaca Stud is located in an area of lush pastures and ideal climate for alpacas, you can be reassured that when you buy ultrafine or fine animals from us you are getting robust animals with genetic fineness – not microns resulting from less than ideal feed conditions.

Health – our alpaca get a free veterinary check before leaving our property (Buy with confidence!)

Fertility guarantees, for males and females.

We can refer you to International Insurance Companies to cover you investment on route to your place